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The Super Ball game has been won! The Medals at the Olympics passed out! Maybe you looking forward to cleaning up the snowmobile and putting it in storage. Canceling the insurance on it. Oh but wait…is that such a good idea?

The seasonality of power sports (snowmobiles, atv’s, boats, rv’s) activity in many parts of the country may tempt you to cancel their coverage in the off-season. There are clear advantages for you to maintain year round protection.

  • Premium reflects lay-up period power sports premiums are calculated to include any typical lay-up period for your locations. Canceling a policy in the off-season could lead to premium increases in the future.
  • Off-season physical damage Theft, fire, vandalism,windstorm, or other covered losses are always a possibility, even in storage.
  • Protection for liability It’s also important to maintain coverage against liability claims. You are still liable for an accident that may occur in or around the vehicle while it’s parked or stored, even if you aren’t there.
  • Loan requirements Lien holders require insurance on power sports vehicles and will check for current coverage. If no insurance is found, they can place coverage themselves, which may cost more.
  • Coverage surcharge Many insurers assess a surcharge for lapses in coverage and have stringent guidelines for accepting policies with a prior lapse.
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