Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Is Our Concern

Hallam & Associates Insurance Agency Inc. is concerned about your privacy. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and we are committed to protecting your private information.

When we provide a quotation or issue a policy for an individual, we need information about the person or property to be insured. However, we consider this information private and have taken steps to protect its confidentiality.

What Kind of Information Do We Obtain and Where Do We Get It

You provide us with most of the information we need as part of the application process. We may also request reports from various consumer-reporting agencies in connection with you application for insurance and/or any renewal of such insurance. The kind of information we may gather depends upon the type of policy, but may include: automobile motor vehicle reports, claim reports, credit reports and property inspections. We may also receive and verify other information from government agencies or independent reporting companies to help us correctly rate and properly underwrite your insurance risk.

If you decide to insure with us, your file may also contain information connected with any claims you’ve had. The claim representative may comment, for example, on the condition of the property, or let us know if there have been any changes in the way it’s used. We may also keep a police report, if there was one in connection with an accident. We also, occasionally, require some medical information about an insured – if, for example, we need to know whether a physical impairment will affect a person’s ability to drive safely.

Who Has Access to This Information

Information, which has been collected about you, which we keep, will be contained in our records. We will refer to and use this information to issue, and then service your insurance and settle claims. Except as described below, we will not disclose information about you without your prior authorization.

We may, without your prior permission and only if permitted by law, provide information about you contained in our records and files to certain persons or organizations such as:

  • Our affiliated property and casualty or life/health insurance companies.
  • An independent claim adjuster or investigator once a policy is established.
  • An insurance support organization or another insurer, to prevent or prosecute fraud or to properly underwrite the risk.

Also, on rare occasions, we may be required to share this information:

  • With a State Insurance Department or other governmental agency, if required by federal, state or local laws.
  • If ordered by a summons, court order, search warrant or subpoena.
  • To protect our own legal interests, or in case of suspected fraud or illegal activities.

How to Find out What Information We Have About You

You may see and copy the personal information in your files (except for certain documents pertaining to claims and lawsuits, or medical in nature.) If you believe any of our information is incorrect, we’ll correct it. If we don’t agree, you’re still entitled to file a statement with us, disputing the information. We’ll send the correction or statement to anyone who received or will receive the original information.

If we do not issue a policy for you, the only information we will have on file will be that gathered by us during the quotation process.

If you wish to inquire about this information, please write to:

  • In Grand Junction:
    Hallam & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc.
    743 Horizon Court, #207
    Grand Junction, CO 81506
  • In Montrose:
    Hallam & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc.
    P.O. Box 517
    Montrose, CO 81402

In order for us to safeguard your information, your request to see and copy such information must be in writing and include your name, address, policy number, daytime phone number, the best time of day for us to call, and a copy of personal identification such as your driver’s license.

Changes to the privacy statement

We may occasionally make changes to this policy. Any policy change will be posted on this page.